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The Association's Mission

The non-profit association for the promotion of Amatsu Ryoho in Austria dedicates it’s work to the distribution and preservation of the Japanese tradition Amatsu Ryoho in Austria and the European area.

Amatsu Ryoho represents a holistic traditional Japanese System, which teachings and philosophy serve to regain, improve and preserve health and well-being. It is based on old ninja and samurai traditions and includes various methods for the preventive treatment of imbalances.

Furthermore the association supports practitioners and teachers of this unique method.

Further Tasks of the Association

Quality Assurance

for already qualified Amatsu Ryoho practitioners


Organization of trainings on a regular basis


Organization of Seminars with international teachers of this method

What is Amatsu?

Traditional Japanese "Amatsu Ryoho" is probably one of the most closely guarded secrets of Japan, which encludes concepts aboutgodai_colored_english_small_inv

  • physique
  • emotions
  • energy/information
  • nutrition and
  • environment

which are used for prevention, recovery and optimization of human well-being.

This results in a holistic picture of the “being”, which shows that the original state of equilibrium is based on a permanent interaction of nutrition, emotions, energy/information, physique and environment. Any kind of pain, discomfort and tension makes it obvious that there is an imbalance.

To restore the balance on all five plains, we use different concepts and exercises taken from the Amatsu Ryoho. Thereby we tackle the conditions at the root of the problem and activate the natural self-healing powers. This helps us to gain a healthy and fulfilled life enriched with power, vitality and well-being.


Amatsu Ryoho Practitioner Training Course


  • 18.06.2017: 3. Workshop: graduates of the course demonstrate on how they use Amatsu Ryoho
    Location: Institut Löbel Thimiggasse 39, 1180 Wien, 12:00-17:00 (5 hours). 
    Costs: 50 EUR members, 60 EUR for non-members
  • 11.03.2017: Workshop with the topic shindenjutsu/saiminjutsu, emotions and psychosomatic conditions. Presenter: Michael Oswald. Location: Institut Löbel Thimiggasse 39, 1180 Wien, 14:00-18:00. Costs: 40 EUR.
  • 01.04. - 02.04.2017Gairon seminar with Sylvio Sussek, Nippon Karate Club Wien, Friesgasse 12, 1150 Wien. seminar details  - Sylvio Sussek SEMINAR HAS BEEN CANCELLED!
  • 29.04.2017: 2nd Workshop, Continuation of Workshop 1, practical use of shindenjutsu/saiminjutsu, emotions and psychosomatic conditions. Presenter: Michael Oswald. Location: Institut Löbel Thimiggasse 39, 1180 Wien, 14:00-18:00. Costs: 40 EUR for members, 50 EUR for non-members.


The Amatsu Ryoho Practitioner Course is carried out in cooperation with the Institute Löbel according to the Bundesgesetzblatt of the Massage Verordnung for "in sich geschlossene Systeme" (self contained systems).

The course aims at people who want to work professionally as an Amatsu Ryoho Practitioner. The course consists of 700 hours and 150 documented treatments. Detailed information can be found under: Amatsu Ryoho Course at Institut Löbel.


  • General & Theory
    • Anatomy and pathology
    • Hygiene
    • First Aid
    • Detailed covering of the principles of Amatsu Ryoho
    • History
    • Documentation and ethics
  • Martial Arts (budo)
    • Basic technics (kihon happo)
    • Techniques for deeping the basic principles (sanshin no kata)
    • Integrated mind body movement in medicine and budo
  • Healing Arts (ryoho)
    • Treatment in all 5 goday (physis, energy, emotion, nutrition, environment)
    • Japanese massage
    • Basic routine + enhancement of the routine
    • Special techniques
  • Philosophy (shumon)
    • In and yo (polarities)
    • Gogyo (five elements)
    • Godai (the great five principles - physis, energy, emotion, environment, nutrition)
    • Sanshin (three part interactions)
    • Shukan (controlling habits)
    • Deeper principles


Everyone interested in learning more about Amatsu Ryoho, has the opportunity to join our workshops.

Members of the Amatsu Ryoho Association enjoy the following advantages:

  • reduced training fees
  • significantly reduced seminar fees for all seminars organized by our association (held by national and international teachers)
  • registration for seminars 2 weeks prior to public announcement
  • newsletter with information about current and future events

Some of the topics we cover during our workshops:

  • theoretical and practical application of the following concepts:
    • godai
    • gairon
    • sanshin, etc.
  • taijutsu (paralateral body movement)
  • anma (traditional Japanese massage)
  • seitai (the art to correct the body)
  • taihenjutsu (the art to change the body)
  • goshinjutsu (self protection on various planes)
  • shindenjutsu
  • kenkujutsu (a technique similar to cranio-sacral-therapy)

and many more…

An advance notice by phone is not necessary.

Seminars / Modules

We also organize seminars with national and international teachers, both for members and non-members, whereby members enjoy the advantages mentioned above.


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Michael Schütter
AMATSU-MASSAGE im Ärzte- und Vitalzentrum Reiter
Amatsu Ryoho Lehrer

Morizgasse 1/3-4
1060 Wien
Tel: +43 680 205 92 19

Peter Kernstock
Heilmasseur und Gewerblicher Masseur
Amatsu Ryoho Practitioner

Westbahnstrasse 27-29/2/35
1070 Wien

+43 664 378 40 31
Mag. Irene Bazalka
Kultur- und Sozialanthropologin
Fachbereiche: Medizinanthropologie und Bewusstseinsforschung
Sangoma - südafrikanischer Schamanismus
Amatsu Ryoho Practitioner
Pilates- und Yogatrainerin (
Tel: +43 650 70 819 77
Facebook: In Balance - Amatsu Ryoho

Frank Groß-Farkas
Amatsu Ryoho in Ausbildung
Kirschenallee 26
2733 Grünbach am Schneeberg

Hochstrasse 19A
2540 Bad Vöslau

Tel: +43 664 479 00 25

Philip Vossoughi
Amatsu Ryoho
Tel: +43 6764038049



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